Bøgely Pig production
Pig production with a strong focus on sustainability, working environment and animal welfare. the pig production has previously been a breeding farm, but due to a lack of sales of breeding animals is the production converted to normal. production farm, from 1 / 7-2021.

Productions take place on 2 farms.
The saw farm "Bøgely" is the main farm and here all 1.300 saws are located. The farm is located at Sinding Hedevej 85, 8600 Silkeborg.
The weaner farm Skovhus Vestergård is located at Haugevej 22, 8620 Kjellerup Approx. 8 km. from the main farm. The weaner farm currently consists of 7.000 pens for pigs up to 30 kg. in addition, approx. 2.000 pieces sl. pigs annually and approx. 650 pieces of breeding saws for the main farm.
There are approx. 152 ha. good land for both farms, which is rented out to a larger farmer that only is working whit land.

More info:

>>Main farm.

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